Analyze your Online Conversion Funnel

The right tools for website analysis | ePath eCommerce ConsultantsHow well is your online channel performing and what is holding it back?

This proven website analysis service leverages advanced web analytics to identify what’s currently limiting your online success, and benchmarks your results to industry standards and best practices, quantifying the gaps and the opportunities.

Typically, the Analyze module answers these critical questions:
  • Is our current configuration and use of analytics delivering a full 360° view of the customer, at each critical stage of the online conversion funnel? Consider that over 80% of web analytics are incorrectly set up and therefore deliver inaccurate and/or incomplete data.
  • What modifications can we make to the online customer journey to achieve better conversion performance? What should we change in order to do more of what’s working, less of what’s not and add what’s missing?
  • What is the Revenue impact and ROI associated with fixing the biggest gaps, and seizing the greatest opportunities? How can predictive analytics and best practice conversion standards be used to quantify the return before you make the investment?

We use advanced web analytics to eliminate optimization guesswork. Along the way, we’ll set up advanced custom reporting to give you and your team the insight you need.

ePath offers this service for a flat fee of $5000, a relatively small investment that gives you massive insight into the performance of your online business.

Contact us today to discuss our $5K website analysis service.