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Customer Experience Mapping - online and offline - ePath

ePath’s Solution

Our Customer Journey Evaluation provides an objective way to identify any issues with your online experience and the actions you can take that would have the greatest impact on the customer behaviour.  It employs a combination of customer journey mapping and a heuristic assessment based on our knowledge of best practices to identify the issues that may be costing you customers.

Our process includes three stages:

Capture:  Mapping your customer’s entire emotional experience with your online and offline business, identifying crucial “Points of Pain” and “Moments of Truth”.

Quantify: Creating a Customer Experience Index (CEI) that rates the customer experience at each stage of the journey.

Analyze: Finding the gaps between expectations and reality that represent opportunities for innovations and improvements.

Our process maps your customer’s end-to-end journey, both online and offline, to find the gaps and identify opportunities for innovation. Through our experience with process re-engineering, we can help address the gaps and opportunities and create a buying experience that your customers will want to talk about.

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